Bright Beings that you may have seen with us:

Melody Discordia la Fae: Discordia, daughter of Eris, Goddess of Chaos, is a demi-goddess fae living in an oak tree amongst the brownies hidden in the Celtic lands. She was representative from Taliesin's Autumn court in Pandora Celtica for many years, and her subtle discords gave the band's music is spine-tingling chill. She is now enjoying the quiet life with her beloved books, having resumed her role as Faerie Court Archivist. You may still be able to catch her from time to time as she ventures out into the mortal world, for joining in the songs with Pandora Celtica is still near and dear to her heart.

Kyra Connolly: Often seen swimming with nixies (a dangerous pursuit, but what cares she of danger?), Kyra is a were-panther from the shady forests of Faerie. She is fond of hunting and stalking, but with the musicians of Pandora Celtica her other talents come forth - She is a songwriter and singer in her own right, and occasionally shares her talents with her friends. You can hear her lead her song "Melancholy Wine" on Pandora Celtica's fifth album Faerie Revel, and you might also be lucky enough to hear this panther's powerful vocals at the occasional PC concert, or at karaoke, a mortal pastime she has grown fond of.

Circa Ravenpsalm: A mysterious visitor from the Far North who, rumor has it, has been seen in the company of the Norse gods Vili – keeper and purveyor of intellect and sensuality- and Vé - venerable lord of all forms of expression; of speech and means to hear it, and of sight and countenance. A demure and reserved creature by nature, Circa acts as faithful guardian of gallows’ secrets and dutiful keeper of forgotten lore. She has been lured, time and again, into the company of Pandora Celtica, and now acts as the muse to the former assistant muse, booth bunny, and as an intermittent harmonist to the band’s master harmonists.

Ethereal:  Rumored to be a goddess, or perhaps something more, Ethereal provided years of amazing harmony and audio rhythmic embellishment to the musical Magick of Pandora Celtica. She is truly a staggering talent. A recent rip in the Either she calls home introduced her to a band of Victorian era explorers adrift upon a clockwork airship. Thoroughly enthralled by these mortal’s interesting form of mechanical Magick she helped them repair their vessel and joined them for an extended voyage. She will be missed.

Requiem:  Hailing from the forests of the Sluagh-Sidhe, Requiem was a knight of the Fianna.  Alas the sounds of battle and the lure of new conflicts drew him away.  He can now be found on the battlefields of Avalon doing deeds of mayhem in the name of his royal majesty, King Oberon.

Traveler:  Traveler Hawk was born, as the tale goes, from the very waves of the ocean. She is part genius, part commander, and all parts temptress. Her sweet melodic voice was the kernel around which Pandora Celtica was formed. She led the merry band through its initial years and the days of both sunshine and storms that followed. She is a stalwart lover of the arts and a true friend, would that she was with us, but alas, she was stolen away by a band of pirates; to be the Commodore of their fleet. Occasionally when we share the same port, we and thee may be blessed with her sultry sounds.