Newest Album: Tarnished Brass Tales
Available Online Now!

We are thrilled to offer our newest album, which premiered in March of 2016 at our (glorious and tearful) farewell concert, Tarnished Brass Tales! It is now available for purchase online at this link, and we hope you'll love it and spread it far and wide, for it certainly contains a piece of each of our hearts. Yes, it includes September's long-requested, haunting piece, Widow's Walk, as well as original songs written by each of the other band members, ShadowCat, Rubiee, and Nessa. It's steampunky. It's dark. It's rockin'. Because we love you like that! Be sure to check out all our albums here, too, in case you're missing any!

New EP: Absinthe with Strangers

With six songs, some brand new, all never before recorded, we think you'll love this little album. An essential add to your Pandora Celtica Collection. It is now available online as well, here!

Pandora Celtica In Retirement

After Ten Years of performances, playing, and sharing magic with you all, we are so sad to have to say good-bye. But the Kings and Queens of Fae have decreed it, and it is time. We already miss the cons, the house concerts, the dances, the festivals. We miss you most of all, fae friends, who enchanted us and sustained us through good times and bad. We hope you'll stay in touch with each of us individually on FB, because Nessa, ShadowCat, Rubiee, and September are not finished with the world, and we all have such wonderful adventures to share with you all! And we promise to let you know if the Ragin' St. Mae brings us all back into town together again. 

~Looking for a band for your event?

Contact us at pandoraceltica@gmail.com. We can't promise anything, but we also know better than to say never.

~How you can help PC

There's lots of ways you can help. Link our website on your blog or facebook page. Write a blog about the show you saw or our new CD, or e-mail us for an interview! Send a CD to your favorite local radio station. You can also join our street team - these are the inner circle of friends who help us promote our shows, spread the word about promotions, and help us find venues and places to stay on our tours. Offer your home up for a house concert and homestay on one of our tours - we treat our hosts faerie well! And share our music - let your friends listen to your CD's, bring them to a show, send them to our free download page!

We'd love for you to send us your videos of our performances, our stage banter, even candids of band members playing around at cons or dancing at pubs! Send your clips to pandoraceltica@gmail.com - if we use them on our youtube page (go subscribe!) We'll give you credit, our thanks, and depending on the content you'll even get complementary band schwag! As always, we thank you - you are all awesome, and we couldn't do it without you. Please tag us or post pictures of us you took on our facebook page at facebook.com/pandoraceltica so that everyone can see them! And thank you all, our friends and fans, we couldn't do it without you.

~Where you can find us:
We're on Last.fm!!! That's right, you can have your very own Pandora Celtica Radio Station on Last.fm - also look for us on Spotify as well. And of course,you can buy our albums digitally through I-Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more! You can also still purchase a physical CD
right here from our Shop page. And then you get the pretty pictures in the inserts, too!

~ Facebook Friends Welcomed!

ShadowCat now has his very own facebook page, and we hope you'll be his friend. September Whiskey has also joined the illustrious Book of Face, and she needs your love and e-friendship! Hopefully you are all Fae Friends of Pandora Celtica on facebook - (if not, like us at facebook.com/pandoraceltica).  Rubiee Tallyn Hayes and Nessa Nixiefae also have their own pages full of glitter, seashells, and awesomeness! We faerie girls would adore having you as our friends! Post pictures from shows, leave a note on our wall, and keep up with our everyday antics! See you soon, friends!