• Name: September Whiskey  (Ember to creatures she likes)
  • Residency: Sometimes Aillte an Mhothair , Others Tempest Falls, Faerie.
  • Birthplace: the Sirenum scopuli.
  • Occupation: Singer for the Court.
  • Court you are part of: The Autumn Court.
  • Favorite Color: She can not choose, a storm on the sea has too many. And then there is the color of his eyes. Who he is changes depending on how resilient the individual.
  • Favorite Books: The adventurous kind.
  • Favorite Food: Coffee or Whiskey.
  • Favorite Type of Music: Haunting Ballads.
  • Favorite Musicians: Loreena McKennitt, Sarah McLachlan, Kate Rusby...
  • Favorite Article of Clothing: Her cloak though her own skin suits her best.
  • Hobbies: Singing, lounging in high places, dancing, storm brewing, writing, swimming, Extinguishing mortal sparks beneath the waves..(she's getting better at letting them live)
  • Likes: Mortal men, sleep, sun shine, music, tree's, hiking, animals, storms, the oceans...
  • Dislikes: Pettiness, money, human cities.
  • What Else You Should Know:
September is new to the world of Humans. She has lived off and on in the mortal world, but only in sparely populated area's. Her dealings with humans have been brief to say the least. Speaking and treating them with kindness is new to her. Their cities, especially those with sky scrapers, make her uncomfortable and she's still quite irked that the pesky creatures and learned to fly. 

Not all human things distress her though. She's beginning to like books, and some of their music is surprisingly beautiful. Individual human's are turning out to be quite a lot of fun, even when they aren't being enchanted and. .. disposed of. She's finding her self more fond of keeping her new 'friends' safe and healthy rather then carving talismans of their. . well never mind that. 

What is important is that September is still learning how to behave her self in polite mortal society. If she is sometimes harsh, try not to personalize it.