Some fun little facts about us:
  • We're a 4-part, dark faerie, vocal band with doumbek accompaniment. We sing traditional Celtic and seafaring tunes, the occasional cover and nerd-tastic filk, and lots of original pieces inspired by Celtic myths, fairytales, and steampunk styles. We're in retirement now, although we previously loved to play at Renaissance fairs, Celtic festivals, conventions, and any other event you could want to hire us for.
  • We don't sing about rainbows and butterflies... We have exactly one song with a happy ending - and we're thinking about changing the ending! But we do promise, as we sing to you of death and destruction, that we'll sing it upbeat so you can jam!
  • We've been around in the mortal realms since 2004. We're based in Colorado (when we're not partying in the faerie realms) but we travel all over the country just to sing for whoever has the good sense to listen.
  • We currently have 7 albums: "Dog Party (in the key of swinging cats)," "F'n Sharp," "Out of the Box," our Yule album "On Thin Ice," which is dedicated to the winter holidays, "Faerie Revel," Our EP "Absinth with Strangers," and our newest masterpiece, "Tarnished Brass Tales." You can buy them here
  • We're brutally cool and totally sexy - all we ask of you is to love us, be our friends, buy our stuff and smile no matter what we do to you. It'll be fun... we promise... trust us. ;-)