Greetings, felicitations, and hello!

We are Pandora Celtica, a dark faerie Celtic vocal band from the land of dreams and myth. We bring you rich harmonies, tribal drumming, and ancient songs of sorrow, loss, and longing. The queens and kings of the Fae have ordered the creation of our band that we may be a beacon of magic and high art in the mundane realms, both for the mortals and for you, our fellow Bright Beings, who make your home here. Be you lord or lady, angel or demon, fae, goblin, ghost, or some other kith . . . we invite you to take off the mask you show the mundane world and revel with us as you truely are.

Please explore our corner of the interwebs, send us a hello, and be a fae friend on Facebook or step into the faerie circle on Google+! And as always, we'd love to meet you in person at our next performance.


What's New

AnomalyCon - 3/29

We're ready for the time travelers and the airship pilots and the adventurers and the ladies and gentlemen of Steam! Join us at our show at Anomalycon at 3pm on Sunday - or just hang out all weekend and you're bound to catch us as we run around the con. And we will have a very, VERY exciting surprise for you all at our table . . . "Absinthe with Strangers," our new EP with 6 never-before-recorded songs, including several from our upcoming Steampunk album!

Want to book us for an event?
Send us a message at pandoraceltica@gmail.com

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